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Top 5 Facilities on Awaji Island Recommended for Group Travel to Japan


Japan, a land of profound cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, has long been a magnet for travelers worldwide. Group travel, with its unique dynamics and requirements, demands careful planning and selection of destinations to ensure a memorable experience for all participants. Japan offers an array of facilities that cater wonderfully to the needs of group travelers, from cultural experiences to natural wonders and innovative attractions. This guide is crafted for travel agents organizing group tours to Japan, focusing on facilities on Awaji Island that promise enriching experiences and seamless logistics for groups.

Exploring Awaji Island

Nestled in the Seto Inland Sea, Awaji Island is a treasure trove of cultural, natural, and culinary experiences, making it an ideal destination for group tours seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure. As the mythological birthplace of Japan, it offers a unique glimpse into the country's spiritual roots and natural beauty. The island's strategic location, accessible via the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge, adds to its allure, making it a convenient addition to any travel itinerary. With its diverse landscapes, ranging from the Naruto whirlpools to lush botanical gardens and historic shrines, Awaji Island provides a microcosm of the Japanese experience, catering to a wide range of interests and making it an unforgettable stop for groups traveling through Japan.


Top 5 Facilities on Awaji Island

Nijigen no Mori

Nijigen no Mori, translating to "Two Dimensional Forest," is an outdoor theme park that brings the worlds of animation and comic characters to life. Set in a vast natural forest, it offers a variety of interactive experiences, art installations, and adventure courses that appeal to both the young and the young at heart. Highlights include the "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" and the "Naruto & Boruto Shinobi-Zato," where fans can immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite characters. The park's unique blend of natural beauty and pop culture makes it a standout destination for group activities.



HELLO KITTY SMILE is a unique attraction that offers visitors a glimpse into the world of one of Japan's most beloved characters. This facility combines dining, art, and entertainment under the theme of Hello Kitty, providing a variety of experiences from photo opportunities with the iconic character to themed dining experiences that cater to all ages. The art gallery showcases Hello Kitty-inspired artworks, making it a fascinating destination for fans and art enthusiasts alike. For groups, HELLO KITTY SMILE offers a fun, relaxing environment that encourages exploration and enjoyment of the kawaii (cute) culture Japan is known for.


Awaji Yumebutai

Designed by the renowned architect Tadao Ando, Awaji Yumebutai is a complex that marvelously blends architecture with nature. The complex includes a conference center, hotel, and the stunning Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park. For groups, the terraced gardens and the greenhouse, housing thousands of tropical and subtropical flowers, offer a peaceful retreat and a visual feast. The complex's design promotes contemplation and unity with nature, making it an excellent venue for groups seeking a blend of educational content, architectural interest, and natural beauty.


Uzushio Cruise

The Uzushio Cruise takes groups on a journey to witness the Naruto whirlpools, a natural phenomenon in the waters between Awaji Island and Shikoku. These powerful whirlpools offer a thrilling spectacle, embodying the dynamic beauty of nature. The cruise provides educational commentary, making it an exciting adventure and a learning opportunity about marine science and the geography of the Seto Inland Sea. With various ship sizes, the cruise can accommodate groups of different scales, ensuring a close-up view of the whirlpools in a safe and comfortable setting.


Zenbo Seinei

Zenbo Seinei, designed by Shigeru Ban, is a serene retreat that offers groups a unique opportunity to experience Zen  Retreat in a beautiful, natural setting. This unique building complex allows visitors to engage in a variety of activities such as meditation sessions, tea ceremonies, and calligraphy workshops, all designed to foster peace, mindfulness, and cultural understanding. Zenbo Seinei's programs are tailored to accommodate visitors of all backgrounds, making it an enriching experience for groups seeking a deeper connection with Japanese culture and spirituality.

zenboseinei (1)


Awaji Island offers a variety of facilities that cater to the diverse interests and needs of group travelers, ensuring memorable experiences. From the immersive pop culture adventures at Nijigen no Mori and HELLO KITTY SMILE to the architectural and natural beauty at Awaji Yumebutai, the thrilling Uzushio Cruise, and the spiritual enrichment at Zenbo Seinei, there's something for every group. These facilities provide entertainment, education, and opportunities for cultural enrichment and team-building, making them perfect choices for travel agents planning group tours to Japan.



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