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Effort in Awaji Island

Pasona Group has been collecting human resources for a unique community revitalization initiative on Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture since 2008, beginning with Challenge Farm, which aims to reinvigorate gariculture and encourage independent farmers. The project has created jobs on the island and drawn visitors from Japan and overseas by providing facilities and hosting events using local resources.

Our goal for the Awaji Island project is to implement the "Smart Life Initiative," a really expensive way of living and working.

We will continue to take on the challenge of transforming Awaji Island into an "Island of Gastronomy" and an "Island of Health," a location where people may live and work in the most advanced and prosperous way possible.


Business Activities

Since its inception, Pasona Group has promoted diversity based on its corporate philosophy of "solving society's problem ". It has expanded business activities and intends to realize a society in which everyone is free to choose the work they want and feel free to work individually.

In addition, Pasona is currently working on regional development projects by "attracting human resources "to Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture and other regions throughout Japan, creating new industries with dreams, revitalizing regions, and creating employment opportunities.

Our mission at Pasona Group is to "capitalize on people." Our job is to enrich people's lives, often known as "life produce." To meet this responsibility, we will continue to take on new challenges with high objectives and a sense of mission, building new social infrastructure and being a corporation that society requires.


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About Company

  • Company Name

     Pasona Group Inc., corporation Number 6010001114024

  • Address

    Tembo Terrace, 2 Yumebutai, Awaji City, Hyogo prefecture

  • Establishment

    February 16, 1976

  • Founded

    Dec.3, 2007

  • Capital stock

    5 billion yen

  • Business Activities

    Expert Services ( Temporary staffing )
    BPO Services (outsourcing outsourcing/ contracing)
    HR Consulting 
    Education and Training
    Global Sourcing (Overseas HR Services)
    Career Solutions (placement/career Placement/ Career Support)
    Life Solutions
    Regional Development Solutions

  • Name of representative

    Group CEO                                                                                                            Yasuyuki Nambu 
    Executive Officer and vice President/Director                                      Junko Fukasawa

    Executive Officer and Vice President/Director                                       Kinuko Yamamoto
    Executive Officer and Vice President/Director                                       Hirotaka Wakamoto

    Managing Executive Officer / Director                                                      Makiya Nambu
    Director (Full-time Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)   Kazufumi Nomura
    Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory  Committee Member)    Haruo Funabashi

    Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory  Committee Member)    Kazuo Furukawa
    Outsider Director (Audit and Supervisory  Committee Member)   Ryohei Miyata
    Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory  Committee Member)    Yutaka Atomi

    ※ Haruo Funabashi, Furukawa Kazuo, Ryohei Miyata, and Yutaka Atomi are independent directors based on the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 

  • Net Sales

    372.6 billion yen (Fiscal year ended May 31, 2023) 

  • Employees

    24,918  ( Consolidated, including contract workers)

  • Group Companies

    Subsidiaries: 69

    Affiliates: 5

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