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Recommendations for Group Visitors coming to Awaji Island

Popular dishes, experiences, and accommodations

How to spend time on Awaji Island west coast as an inbound group

We propose the travel plans for group travel according to various purposes and customer types.

Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture is a resort island easily accessible from Osaka, Kyoto, and Sannomiya. Many tourists visit from all over the world, mainly from Kansai. Groups can enjoy a variety of travel options, including company trips and incentive trips, MICE trips such as conferences and events, school trips for schools and educational institutions, and inspection tours and seminars. Many groups visit not only from Japan, but also from Asia, Europe, and America.


By conveying your gratitude to your employees and colleagues through travel, you can improve their motivation.

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We create a variety of business opportunities, from large-scale events to company and departmental meetings.

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Education (school)

Awaji Island is also recommended for school trips. We create learning opportunities through activities and training.

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An opportunity to learn about Awaji Island's unique regional revitalization model through seminars and inspections.

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Why is Awaji Island a choice for inbound tourists?

Awaji Island is a resort island that can be enjoyed together in a trip with other popular cities in Kansai, like Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.

With all the border measures lifted, more and more foreign visitors coming to Japan, especially returning visitors, are expanding their trips to the countryside. Awaji Island is a recommended resort destination for foreign tourists who are looking for something unique and different, including nature, culture, food, and experiences that cannot be found in urban areas.

Nature, climate, culture, and delicious dishes

One of the reasons why Japan has become a world-favorite travel destination is because of four aspects: nature, climate, culture, and food. Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture has a strong appeal as a historic island with a mild climate, mountains and sea, and a history that preserves the myth of the birth of Japan.


Easy to incorporate into the Golden Route

Awaji Island is easy to incorporate into the so-called Golden Route, which includes Tokyo, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka. With convenient access to the island in just one hour from Osaka, we recommend staying on Awaji Island on the day before you return home from Kansai International Airport.


Unique experiences on Awaji Island

You can enjoy special experiences that are unique to the island, not even available in popular places like Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. There are facilities that offer one-of-a-kind experiences such as a Zen retreat sorrounded by nature, and an anime theme park where you can experience Japan's anime culture.


Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture

The island is connected to Honshu and Shikoku by two bridges: the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge and the Naruto Bridge, and is full of beautiful nature, clear blue sea, lush green mountains, sunsets over the sea, and star-filled night skies.

Awaji Island, where the legend of the birth of Japan is said to have originated, is also a treasure-trove of fresh produce, and in ancient times it was called Miketsukuni, where marine products and other delicacies were offered to the Imperial Court. Along with the abundance of nature and food, visitors can enjoy the culture and history of Japan.

Awaji Island, the island of birth of Japan, is a resort island that is now attracting attention for its nature, food, history, culture, and art.


Local Production for Local Consumption

Awaji Island is a treasure-trove of produce from the mountains and the sea. There are many restaurants that offer a rich variety of fresh vegetables such as onions, Awaji Beef (a luxury brand of meat), and seafood. Enjoy seasonal ingredients unique to Awaji Island at restaurants that offer high-quality cuisine and high-class atmosphere with ocean views under a cozy sea breeze.


New and Exciting Activities

Experience the beautiful nature of Awaji Island that will leave unforgettable memories of your trip. Enjoy an art experience that unravels the history of the birth of Japan and introduces you to the culture of Awaji Island, a Zen retreat experience that is uniquely Japanese, and an anime park that will give you a glimpse of Japanese pop culture.


Spectacle resort Island

Awaji Island is a beautiful resort island that is easily accessible from Kobe and Osaka and allows visitors to experience nature through all five senses. Enjoy the shimmering sea under fresh air provided by the greenery of the island. Take a step away from the urban cities, and you will feel an atmosphere that you can only experience here.


Awaji Island West Coast

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind nature spot different from Osaka and Kyoto

The northern area of Awaji Island, known as the Awaji Island West Coast, has been attracting attention for the appearance of resort facilities and a new  exciting theme park that take advantage of rich nature and gourmet food. Lush green mountains, the bright blue sea, dazzling sunlight, and a beautiful deep red sunset welcome you to this area.

This resort area offers a unique Japanese experience that is different from other popular destinations like Osaka and Kyoto. It is easily accessible by car or bus from Osaka or Kobe, taking only 30 minutes to 1 hour, making it possible to visit for a day trip. It is also between Kansai and Shikoku, so sightseeing on the way to Shikoku is also recommended.

Enjoy a trip on the West Coast of Awaji Island.

Recommendations for Group Visitors

Enjoy special experiences catered to group visitors

Awaji Island West Coast can offer experiences for group visitors suitable for a wide range of customer needs, that can be enjoyed at a wide variety of facilities. Some of these offers include: group-only menus, special group rates, and unique options such as private party plans and live music performances.

In addition, the Awaji Island West Coast is home to a variety of dining and lodging facilities, so you can reduce travel time by bus and maximize the time spent at each facility. Each has its own distinct charm, making it a recommended area for people of all ages and nationalities, from adults to children.

Come and visit Awaji Island West Coast with your friends or family!


Facilities & Experiences



A theme park that combines anime and nature

The world's popular anime and manga are fused with the natural beauty of Awaji Island. This is a new kind of theme park that allows visitors to experience 2-D anime content through all five senses in a park that is the size of 28 Tokyo Domes.

The theme is based on anime that is also popular outside of Japan, and this is a recommended tourist facility for inbound visitors of all ages, from children to adults, as well as anime fans. In addition, since the theme park makes use of nature and has many attractions that allow visitors to move and play physically, anyone can enjoy the park even if they do not speak the language or understand the language (multilingual support is also available).

★ (1)-Jul-07-2023-01-43-34-6278-AM


A field RPG attraction that fuses the real and digital world of the Dragon Quest games, including castle towns, forests, and the Demon King's castle.


Crayon Shin-chan adventure park

This is an area where visitors can experience the world of the popular anime Crayon Shin-chan. Both children and adults will be thrilled by the athletic facilities and the exciting water zipline!


Godzilla interception operation

A life-size 120-meter-long Godzilla appeared on Awaji Island! This is an attraction where visitors will play as members of the National Godzilla Awaji Island Research Center and take on different missions.

★ (6)-1

NARUTO & BORUTO Sinobizato

Visitors can enjoy the world of Naruto, a very popular ninja anime. At this interactive ninja attraction, you can enjoy athletic activities and a 3D maze while enjoying the real-life view of the series!

About group visits to NIJIGEN NO MORI

Nijigen no Mori offers special rates for groups of 10 or more people. Additionally, offers a special deal for groups of 50 or more people, who can enjoy with a discount of up to 15% off  from the regular attraction fee. The special rates are available regardless of the day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays (some dates may not be available if the discounted tickets for groups are sold-out for that date).

Since Nijigen no Mori is located within Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park (a park under local government administration), there is no admission fee. A paid ticket for each attraction is required.

  • Fixed rates for group visits to each attraction!

  • Attraction passes are available for 100 or more people for even greater savings!

  • Flexible plans are also available for special educational tours for schools only!

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Luxurious Villa Stay

GRAND CHARIOT is located on the highest point of the vast Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park Nijigen no Mori. It is an exclusive spot from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the blue Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge, and the city of Kobe.

All guest rooms are separate, so you can enjoy your time in complete privacy. In addition, all guest rooms have terraces where you can watch the sunrise or sunset while viewing the nature of the park.

The next are popular room accommodations, including the anime collaboration rooms recommended for inbound travelers.

風のコクーン (2)

Warmth Cocoon

All 23 guest rooms are named Cocoon and are designed with the texture of wood to create a relaxing atmosphere. The baths are all made of cypress wood, and the characteristic skylight allows guests to lie down at night and gaze at the starry sky.

グランシャリオ_02_内観_コクーン NARUTOルーム(1)

Anime collaboration Room

Cocoon collaborations with Crayon Shin-chan, Hello Kitty, Naruto and Dragon Quest are also popular, and the Dog Cocoon allows visitors to enjoy a stay with their dogs.


The seasonal gourmet cuisine of Awaji Island

Both dinner and breakfast are full of seasonal Awaji delicacies. The outstandingly delicious meals are another appeal of this accommodation facility. Depending on the season, you can also choose a BBQ in summer, or a hot pot course that makes the most of seasonal ingredients in fall and winter.

About group visits to GRAND CHARIOT

GRAND CHARIOT has been visited by many inbound groups of 10 or more people. The villa type is recommended for customers who want to enjoy their time with complete privacy during their group travel, and the restaurant building is popular for enjoying meals. Room can be assigned according to the number of people in a group, or collaboration rooms with the character of your choice.

Of course, we can also respond in English when making reservations and checking availability, so please feel free to contact us.

  • We have many visitors of inbound groups staying at the hotel!

  • Located on the same area as Nijigen no Mori for smooth transportation!

  • Located at tranquil natural surroundings!



Feel the sea of Awaji Island with Hello Kitty

Experience Hello Kitty on Awaji Island in the mysterious underwater world brought to you by Otohime Hello Kitty! Along with Nijigen no Mori, the Hello Kitty facility is now in the spotlight as a landmark on the west coast of Awaji Island. It is a spot that gathers attention not only from children but adults as well.

Based on the theme of Ryugu-jo (Dragon's Palace), this place features media art expressed through elements of an underwater world, as well as restaurants and cafes, and is full of projection mapping and the latest media art.

The facility is receiving a large number of inbound visitors, not only for the dining and projection mapping experiences, but also for the popular souvenirs and other items that can only be purchased here. Visitors can also take pictures with Hello Kitty during the Hello Kitty Meet and Greet, a rare experience that allows visitors to interact with Hello Kitty.

04 パレスシアター (1)

Fairytale-like Whimsical Art

Hello Kitty's undersea world is represented by the latest media art, and there are many photo opportunities that can only be found here. In the 360° theater room, Hello Kitty's dream world is shown through projection mapping.

GARDENテラス グリーティングランチ

Take pictures together with Hello Kitty!

During the Meet and Greet event, Hello Kitty will come to your table to play with you while you are dining at the restaurant. The experience of interacting with Hello Kitty will be a memorable one for both children and adults.

料理 レストラン玉手箱 乙姫コース

Delicious and cute dishes

The restaurant provides a wide variety of dishes, including single pot meals served in a luxurious setting for special occasions, and authentic Chinese cuisine served on an indoor terrace with a beautiful view of the Awaji Island Sea.

About group visits to HELLO KITTY SMILE

HELLO KITTY SMILE offers special rates for groups of 10 or more for both admission and meals. The museum receives a large number of inbound groups, and since you can enjoy your time just by entering the restaurant, it is a recommended spot that can be easily incorporated into an itinerary even during rainy days. A popular model course is the "Hello Kitty Enjoyment Course," which combines the HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX show and lunch, followed by admission to the HELLO KITTY SMILE.

  • Special group rates are available for admission and meals!

  • This facility can accommodate a maximum of 100 people or more, making it ideal for large groups!

  • You can also get Hello Kitty souvenir goods that are only available here!
GARDENテラス 内観 2020 (1)


A new exciting theater-restaurant

A new type of theater-restaurant filled of surprises, where you can enjoy a superb stage performance by Hello Kitty while dining.

Both adults and children will be delighted by the adorable vegan cuisine, as well as the Hello Kitty greeting show and the fun music and dance show.

In 2022, APPLE HOUSE was completed and has become a unique and eye-catching entertainment facility.


Hello Kitty Greets You!

The theater-restaurant where you can meet Hello Kitty also features a very particular exterior.

The Hello Kitty on the roof of the facility and the giant apple building have both been recognized by Guinness World Records.

03_公演_オールディーズ (1)

An Exciting Performance

The spectacular and powerful performance show attracts both adults and children. The show features classic songs very familiar to visitors, accompanied by jazz and other musical elements. You can also enjoy a Meet and Greet with Hello Kitty at the end of the show.


Vibrant Vegan Dishes

We offer a visually appealing course menu of healthy vegan cuisine that inbound customers can enjoy.

About group visits to HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX

HELLO KITTY SHOWBOX offers special rates for groups of 10 or more people. You can enjoy the performance show and meals at a considerably lower price than the regular rate. This is a must-see if you are a group traveling to Japan and looking for a slightly different food experience instead of eating Japanese traditional multi-course or hotel course meals every day.

Many inbound tours include a lunch plan that can be enjoyed by adults and children. Moreover, The HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX includes admission to the HELLO KITTY APPLE HOUSE as part of the package.

  • Vibrant and beautiful vegan cuisine that can be enjoyed by inbound visitors!

  • An exciting food experience with a stunning performance!

  • Theater-restaurant that can accommodate up to 80 people and is recommended for large groups!

HELLO KITTY SHOWBOX_06_イベントその他_スタッフ


Unique Zen Retreat Experience

A Zen meditation retreat facility incorporating Zen philosophy in the middle of nature. The eye-catching building was designed by world-renowned architect Shigeru Ban, and its 100-meter-long wooden deck is definitely worth a visit.

A variety of services are available for guests to experience a moment of peace and tranquility in the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In addition to ZEN, meditation, and yoga, which take advantage of the magnificent natural surroundings, other popular activities include ZEN calligraphy, ZEN tea ceremony, and other Japanese cultural experiences.

The ZENBO SEINEI's cuisine is healthy and balanced, and together with the meals, it is a one-of-a-kind experience that helps to balance the body and mind.


Architectural Beauty Surrounded by Nature

Designed by architect Shigeru Ban, winner of the Pritzker Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of architecture. Made from a combination of Japanese cedar trees, the warmth and fragrance of the wood can be felt in the air.

MicrosoftTeams-image (13)-3

ZEN Wellness

Encounter ZEN in a 360-degree natural wilderness experience with yourself. The experience is not only ZEN meditation, but also mindfulness through meditation and yoga.

Retreat chairs are available for the elderly and foreigners to enjoy.


Healthy ZENBO SEINEI’s cuisine

Healthy ZENBO SEINEI's cuisine balances the body from the core.

The menu is characterized by its colorful elements as well as its uniquely Japanese flavors, allowing you to feel healthy from the inside out.

About group visits to ZENBO SEINEI

ZENBO SEINEI offers a special charter plan for groups of 10 or more people. The ZEN Wellness program is normally offered to individual guests at 23,000 yen per person (including tax) for 4 hours per day, but with the group charter plan, you can not only enjoy your own space and experience with the ZEN Wellness program, but also enjoy the space of ZENBO SEINEI for various purposes. In addition to the ZEN Wellness program, you can also enjoy the ZENBO SEINEI space in a variety of ways.

For example, it is recommended for corporate training and Business Tourism MICE use.

  • Special private plans are available for groups!

  • You can enjoy not only the ZEN experience but also various uses of the space as a private rental!

  • Make a uniquely Japanese experience even more special for groups and get great deals!


Awaji Island West Coast Restaurants

Food Experiences with Seasonal treasure-trove ingredients from Awaji Island

The west coast of Awaji Island is full of a wide variety of gourmet spots. In addition, all restaurants use locally produced ingredients from Awaji Island, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of Awaji.

Here are some gourmet spots that are unique to Awaji Island, including restaurants that offer fine dining in a sophisticated atmosphere, as well as restaurants with ocean views and sea breeze.


La Rose_02_内観 (1)

Auberge La Forêt de la Cuisine Française

A three-building, restaurant and inn offering the finest French cuisine. Each building has a different theme, and each offers authentic cuisine that brings out the best of Awaji Island's seasonal ingredients.

  • -Group rate: From 3,800 yen (including tax)

  • -Capacity: Up to 120 people

  • -Regular closing days: different days for each of the three buildings


Farmers Restaurant Haru San San

A restaurant that is located at the heart of the nature, where vegetables are the main ingredient. We offer locally produced dishes featuring freshly harvested vegetables grown by our own staff, providing a healthy and environmentally friendly dining experience. 

  • -Group rate: From 3,000 yen (including tax)

  • -Capacity: Up to 100 people

  • -Regular closing day: Wednesdays



A charming seaside restaurant and market full of fun where you can enjoy dining and shopping while gazing at the sea and sunset of Awaji Island, chosen as one of the 100 best places for sunsets.

  • -Group rate From 2,000 yen (including tax)

  • -Capacity: Up to 120 people

  • -Regular closing days: Thursdays

オーシャンテラス料理 牛肉-3

Ocean Terrace

A grill restaurant where you can enjoy luxurious Awaji beef & Awaji-gyu. Meat is grilled by the chefs themselves on a custom-built lava rock grill. You can enjoy live jazz music while dining.

  • -Group rate: From 3,850 yen (including tax)  

  • -Capacity: Up to 100 people  

  • -Regular closing days: Thursdays


Ristorante Scuola

An authentic Italian restaurant renovated from a closed elementary school. The courses are full of flavorful ingredients and are visually appealing.

  • -Group rate: From 3,000 yen (including tax)

  • -Capacity: Up to 60 people

  • -Regular closing days: Wednesdays

★20201113_欧風浪漫コース (4)


A classic-style restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Western cuisine. The antique furnishings decorating the restaurant are a must-see, creating an ambience that resembles a museum.

  • -Group rate: From 4,000 yen (including tax)

  • -Capacity: Up to 60 people

  • -Regular closing days: Thursdays



A restaurant with all seats facing the sea where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine. The restaurant offers fresh seafood, nigiri sushi, and tempura. The restaurant features a theater-like staircase seating, which is socially distanced for your peace of mind.

  • -Group rate From 5,500 yen (including tax)

  • -Capacity: Up to 60 people

  • -Regular closing days: Thursdays


The First Island Aman no Shokutaku

A two-floor restaurant that offers a variety of dynamic dishes from the mountains and the sea.

The "Utage“ area offers an izakaya-like atmosphere, while the "Sajiki“ area offers luxurious teppanyaki cuisine in a sophisticated setting.

  • -Group rate: 3,000 yen (including tax)

  • -Capacity: Up to 120 people

  • -Regular closing days: Tuesdays

About group visits to Awaji Island West Coast Restaurant

Whether you are a large group of 100 people or a small group of travelers that enjoy luxury, we can recommend restaurants and courses according to your travel style and needs. We also offer special group plans such as special group menus, special group rates, and seasonal menus, so please inquire first about course content, rates, and availability.

We also offer private plans for groups depending on the number of people and the restaurant. Buffet style and standing buffet parties, which are not usually offered, can be enjoyed by large groups of people.

  • -Group rates and group menus are available for each restaurant!

  • -We offer a special space just for your private use! 

  • -Seasonal group menus are also available according to the season!




how to go

Awaji Island is Easy to Reach Resort Destination

Awaji Island is situated within easy distance of the cities of Osaka and Kobe, making it a convenient resort destination even for day trips. This makes it simple to include Awaji Island in various travel itineraries; for example, a Kansai sightseeing trip that begins and ends at KIX, a trip to Shikoku, or a trip down the "Golden Route" from Tokyo to Kansai. Awaji Island's beautiful nature offers an appeal completely different to that of Japan's cities.

Approximately 110 Minutes from KIX

Awaji Island has convenient transport links from Kansai International Airport (KIX), the gateway to western Japan. By bus, it takes approximately 110 minutes to travel to the island. This means you can enjoy a delicious meal or a fun experience on Awaji Island's west coast even on the very last of your trip if you are departing from KIX.



Customer Testimonials and Itinerary


"Educational Tourists from Taiwan Visit Awaji Island for Study Tour"

With the aim of attracting educational tours to Japan from Taiwan, principals and teachers from high schools and junior high schools from around Taiwan visited Awaji Island to learn about Hyogo Prefecture's programs for educational tours and experience recommended programs on Awaji Island.

They observed programs that could only be offered on Awaji Island, such as the popular new spot ZENBO SEINEI and the animation park Nijigen no Mori.

The teachers, who believe that they cannot provide highly satisfactory programs to students unless they can learn and enjoy them, proactively experienced various programs just like their students.

女性シルエット Taiwanese Educational Tour Officials

"Shikoku & Awaji Island Inbound Tour"

This time, 10 guests, mostly Chinese Americans from the U.S., came to Japan and took pictures at the gallery, buying souvenirs, and dining at the party terrace at HELLO KITTY SMILE.

In total, the 11-day tour included sightseeing tours around Kansai and Shikoku. In the four prefectures of Shikoku, they enjoyed the charms of Japan, including the Otsuka Museum of Art, the sightseeing train Iyonada Monogatari, Kotohira-gu Shrine, and Dogo Onsen.

Before leaving Japan at Kansai International Airport on the 11th day, they visited HELLO KITTY SMILE to capture their last memories on Awaji Island.

女性シルエット Chinese American travelers from the U.S.

"Experience Anime Park and Get in Touch with Pop Culture"

Ballet dancers from Ukraine experienced the Anime Park Nijigen No Mori. Nijigen no Mori offers special group rates for groups.

This time, they experienced NARUTO & BORUTO SHINOBI-ZATO at Nijigen no Mori, a popular anime in Europe and America. Visitors enjoyed a unique experience at Nijigen no Mori, where they could experience a three-dimensional maze and immerse themselves in the world of anime by solving riddles. Of course, multilingual support and English-language guidance by staff members are also available.

After your experience at  Nijigen no Mori, we also recommend staying at the GRAND CHARIOT located in the same park. You can enjoy the world of anime all day long in the collaboration room with different anime characters.

女性シルエット Ukrainian ballet dancer

Recommended Model Itineraries

We have curated a selection of model itineraries for inbound travelers. We can suggest a variety of conveniently arranged trips covering various interests you may have, such as Awaji Island cuisine, anime, or Japanese cultural experiences.

We will send information on these itineraries to the email address you enter in the form.

Recommendation plan(Awaji island Westcoast)

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding facilities, programs, group rates, bookings, or other arrangements. Besides phone and email, we are also more than happy to arrange online meetings to address any questions or concerns you may have, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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