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The charm of Awaji Island Resort MICE

An easy-to-understand summary of MICE venues and unique venues on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture.

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Unusualness connects people and ideas

Blue skies and sea, lush nature, a warm climate, a treasure trove of locally produced ingredients, and moving cultural and artistic experiences.

Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture is located within 30 to 60 minutes from the urban areas of Kobe and Osaka, yet it is a blessed land where you can enjoy a resort feeling.

Therefore, international organizations, academic societies, large conferences, international conferences, academic meetings, general meetings, supporter groups, forums, symposiums, executive meetings, department/section manager meetings, corporate seminars, award ceremonies, anniversary events, commemorative ceremonies, new product launches, and kick-off events. We have a wide range of MICE experience including sports days, athletic events, and sports tournaments .

We will introduce you to Awaji Island's MICE venues, unique venues, special cultural experiences, and recommended dining venues where you can enjoy the region.

Encounter with ideas

Are you stuck in a rut with your MICE venue? There are various large and small conference halls and unique venues around the west coast of Awaji Island. Ideas that will lead to new innovations may be born from Awaji Island.


Meeting people

Awaji Island is popular mainly in the Kinki region as an easy-to-go resort area. Easy access, 1 hour from Osaka and 30 minutes from Kobe. By bringing together a variety of participants from all over the world, you may be able to meet people who transcend boundaries.


Encounter with culture and art

Awaji Island is a land rich in culture, history, and art as well as the ocean and mountains. Known as the birthplace of the country's myths, you can experience a variety of arts, from classical performing arts to musicals, jazz, and Ukrainian ballet.


Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture

Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, is connected to Honshu and Shikoku by two bridges, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Naruto Bridge, and is full of beautiful nature with clear blue sea, lush green mountains, sunsets over the sea, and starry skies.

Awaji Island, where legend has it that it originated in Japan, was once known as the land of food, and is said to be a treasure trove of fresh ingredients, as it is said to have brought seafood and other foods to the imperial court. You can enjoy Japanese culture and history as well as abundant nature and food.

Awaji Island, a country-born island rich in nature, food, history, culture, and art, is currently a popular resort island.


Locally produced food for local consumption

Awaji Island is a treasure trove of ingredients, mainly from the mountains and sea. The area is dotted with a wide variety of restaurants that make use of fresh vegetables such as onions, high-end branded Awaji beef, and seafood with concentrated umami. Enjoy the seasonal ingredients unique to Awaji Island at restaurants that offer high-quality food and a space for adults, restaurants that offer ocean views with a pleasant sea breeze, and restaurants that are full of entertainment elements.


New sensation activity

Participants will form memories of their trip with experiences that take advantage of Awaji Island's magnificent nature. Special moving experiences that can only be realized on Awaji Island await you, such as an art experience that unravels the country's birth history and touches on Awaji Island's culture, a Japanese-style Zen retreat experience, and an anime park where you can experience Japanese pop culture.


Resort island

Awaji Island is a beautiful resort island that is easily accessible from Kobe and Osaka, yet allows you to experience nature with all five senses. The sparkling sea and dazzling sunlight, the crimson sunset setting beyond the horizon, the mountains surrounded by greenery and the fresh air. If you take a step outside the city center, you will be able to feel the atmosphere that can only be experienced on Awaji Island.

Why Awaji Island is suitable for MICE

The reason why awaji is suitable for MICE

Resort MICE set in nature

 The northern area of ​​Awaji Island, blessed with beautiful natural scenery, is home to resorts and conference centers, as well as related facilities such as unique venues and excursion facilities. In this way, by making the entire Awaji Island a single conference center , we will be able to provide value that exceeds expectations to meet the wide range of needs and requests of participants, both Japanese and foreign.

Making Awaji Island a hub of wisdom and innovation

 In addition, Awaji Island is a base for regional revitalization efforts to address Japan's social issues of depopulation, declining birthrate and aging population, and hyper-concentration in cities. Incubating. Holding resort MICE in such a hub of knowledge and innovation not only contributes to expanding the population of Awaji Island, but also has great significance in that the participants themselves are contributing to the region as one of the leaders in regional revitalization.



We have venues, lodging, and dining facilities suitable for a variety of conference situations, such as executive meetings, department/division manager meetings, and in-department training .



We can suggest facilities and content that will help improve participant satisfaction, such as award ceremonies, incentive trips, and training trips .



We can propose convention centers and excursions suitable for academic conferences, large conferences, international conferences, academic meetings, general meetings, symposiums, etc.



We will introduce the perfect venue for various types of events such as anniversary events, commemorative ceremonies, new product launches, kick-off events, sports days , etc.

A unique resort MICE schedule that incorporates excursions


Awaji Island also has attractions around the venue.

Why not hold a resort MICE event that includes excursions in an environment surrounded by rich nature that is different from conference centers in urban areas ?

We provide comprehensive venue facilities and conference support on Awaji Island, allowing you to hold high-quality conferences, and by organizing excursions during the period, you can experience the charm of Awaji Island and the surrounding area and increase participant satisfaction. You can contribute.

In addition, for dinners and parties during your stay, we can offer new ideas that combine not only hotel venues but also surrounding restaurants. We aim to stimulate communication among participants through extraordinary performances and food experiences.

Concerning secondary transportation

Regarding transportation for participants during excursions and parties during the period, guests are free to use the free shuttle bus between facilities on the west coast of Awaji Island (as it is a means of transportation for individuals, groups If so, please contact us separately). In addition, each facility on the west coast of Awaji Island is compactly packed, and the travel time between facilities is approximately 20 minutes at most, so you can enjoy the travel time as your stay at the facility.

For transportation from MICE venues such as the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center to Awaji Island West Coast facilities, large buses or microbuses for groups can be arranged upon request for a fee . However, depending on the number of people, we may not be able to accommodate you. Also, prices vary depending on distance, number of people, and number of vehicles.
*The photo on the right is an image.

There are also unique venues such as an event hall with a spectacular ocean view and a 100m wooden deck surrounded by nature. In addition, there are many attractive contents such as a private French restaurant located in the middle of nature, a wine party with live music, and a farm restaurant where you can enjoy meals while looking at the original Japanese scenery.

Recommended venues for Awaji Island resort MICE

Recommended facilities suitable for resort MICE

Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center

Resort & Conference Center

 "Awaji Yumebutai'' is a complex of cultural resort facilities that has been restored to nature on the site where earth and sand were collected to build artificial islands in Osaka Bay, such as Kansai International Airport, and has been developed to blend into the magnificent landscape that makes use of the dynamic slopes . The Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center is located within this area, and is a resort and conference center designed by the world-renowned Tadao Ando that perfectly combines modern architecture with the surrounding nature .

You can choose a venue to suit your meeting style from a total of 28 rooms, including a  large hall that can accommodate 600 people, medium and small conference rooms, and a tea room surrounded by greenery . Equipped with air conditioning equipment with ultra-high performance HEPA filters, online meeting equipment and high-speed internet, we provide a comfortable meeting environment.


Main hall

The main hall is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including simultaneous interpretation in six countries, large-scale video equipment, and IT support. In addition to a sense of openness with a ceiling height of 9.2 meters, it also has the dignity and dignity suitable for ceremonies and international conferences.

Capacity: 224 people (school format)
Simultaneous interpretation equipment in 6 languages

​​Conference system (100 desk-mounted microphones)
One 5m x 10m screen One
4m x 6m screen
High brightness LCD projector




It is equipped with an ``Amphitheater'', a staircase-style hall ideal for presentations and lectures, a four-language simultaneous interpretation system, and a conference system that allows two-way communication.


Capacity: 100 people (school format)
Simultaneous interpretation in 4 languages

​​3m x 4m screen 1-screen
conference system (100 table-embedded microphones)
Wheelchair seats 5 seats
High-brightness LCD projector



Reception hall

The two reception halls, circular and semicircular, are full of functional beauty and a sense of openness, allowing lectures and parties to proceed smoothly. The circular reception hall B can be used in conjunction with the foyer.


Capacity: 128 people (school format)
150 inch screen
high brightness lcd projector

*The above is Reception Hall B

Featured venues

Qinghai Bobocheng Pavilion

Hold an event with a spectacular view of the ocean in the background

 Seikaiha is a complex consisting of two Japanese and Western restaurants, a vintage sake shop and bar, and a theater called Naminotei. Theater Naminotei, recommended as a MICE venue, is a facility that takes advantage of the nature of Awaji Island, with a stage set against the backdrop of the spectacular Harima Sea.

 Normally, we invite directors from famous theater companies and perform original shows such as traditional Japanese music, anime, and comedy on a monthly basis.The seats for up to 200 people are divided between the stage and the theater. Because they are so close, you can feel the performers' breathing. For events, in addition to basic sound equipment, we can also incorporate performances by Awaji Island's musician group ``Awaji Ongakujima,'' etc., according to customer requests.


Recommended unique venues for Awaji Island resort MICE

Recommended unique venue suitable for resort MICE

Zenbo Seinei

Zen retreat experience unique to Japan

A zazen retreat facility that incorporates Zen philosophy into the wisdom of nature has appeared. The eye-catching building was designed by world-renowned architect Shigeru Ban, and the wooden deck, which is approximately 100 meters long and made from a combination of timber, is worth a look.

We offer a variety of menus that allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience a moment of peace in the midst of nature. In addition to zazen, meditation, and yoga that take advantage of the space surrounded by magnificent nature , it is also popular for its experiences where you can enjoy Japanese culture such as Zen books and Zen tea.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that balances your mind and body with a Zen Buddhist meal that is gentle and healthy for your body.


Architectural beauty surrounded by nature

It was designed by architect Shigeru Ban, winner of the Pritzker Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the architecture world. It is made from a combination of Japanese cedar, and the warmth and scent of the wood is felt on your body. A special space where you can enjoy the shining sunlight and clear air.

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ZEN Wellness

An encounter with Zen, where you face yourself in a 360-degree view of nature. The experience is not just zazen, but also meditation and yoga to experience mindfulness. Retreat chairs are available so that elderly people and foreigners can enjoy the experience.


Healthy zenbo cuisine

Balance your body from the core with healthy Zen-bo cuisine. It is characterized by a colorful appearance as well as a typical Japanese diet, allowing you to feel healthy from the inside out.

Featured unique venue


Theater restaurant with a gorgeous atmosphere

 A new style theater restaurant where you can usually enjoy Hello Kitty shows and meals. This venue is recommended as a unique venue for MICE, and the luxurious chandeliers create an adult atmosphere, while the huge LED monitor in the background of the stage allows for various video productions.

 It can accommodate up to 80 people and offers course meals that make use of ingredients from Awaji Island. Recommended uses include award ceremonies, anniversary events, commemorative ceremonies, new product launches, and kick-off events.

Consider hosting your event in a unique and memorable venue.


Recommended accommodations for Awaji Island resort MICE

Recommended hotel suitable for resort MICE

Grand Nikko Awaji

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation with the scent of flowers and the sea breeze

A resort hotel within Awaji Yumebutai designed by Tadao Ando. It is connected to the adjacent international conference center by a corridor, leading to fruitful conferences such as residential conferences and training. The hotel's large banquet hall, which can accommodate up to 600 people theater-style , is a gorgeous venue suitable for both standing and seated social gatherings. We also have seven banquet halls of various sizes, including those that can be used with terraces .

The hotel also has a wealth of facilities, including four food and beverage facilities, a spa and fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, and a beauty salon. All Western-style rooms are equipped with balconies and private deck chairs and tables , allowing you to enjoy the scenery outside the window.We offer a variety of guest room types, including suites and Japanese-style rooms. I am .


Guest room where you can feel the sea and sky

The moment you step in, you will feel a sense of openness. Fully glass ocean view floor. You can enjoy a luxurious view of the beautiful greenery, sea, and blue sky. Enjoy a more luxurious time on the precious floor.

Total number of rooms: 201


private terrace

This venue specializes in weddings and emphasizes privacy, using natural materials such as wood and stone.
It expresses a space similar to a private villa where you can spend luxurious moments with your loved ones.
We also have a private lounge with a bar counter where you can relax.

Capacity: 54 people (for formal dinner)


Grand banquet hall

Artistic gold objects are placed on the dark blue ceiling, and countless lights incorporating optical fibers create a fantastic space.
You can enjoy the feeling of being under a sky full of stars.

Capacity: 340 people (for formal dinner)

Featured accommodations


Watchtower Qinghaiha

A seaside hotel perfect for training tourism

 Bourou Seikaiha is an ocean view hotel located at the foot of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The beautiful sea of ​​Akashi Strait can be seen from all 20 rooms. It is within 5 minutes from Awaji IC and has excellent access from Honshu such as Kobe and Osaka.

 In addition, our hotel is a hotel exclusively for study tours, and is an ideal lodging facility for study tourism, with conference rooms by the sea. After a meeting or training session, relax in a natural radon hot spring and prepare for the next day.

Click here for inquiries regarding Borou Seigaiha


Recommended restaurants and parties at resort MICE in Awaji Island

Recommended resutaurant suitable for resort MICE

Auberge French Forest

A standing wine party set in the midst of nature

Three residential restaurants serving the finest French cuisine. Enjoy authentic cuisine that brings out the charm of Awaji Island's seasonal ingredients, each with a different theme.

This is an extraordinary space where you can spend an elegant time with nature while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Awaji Island and the chirping of birds.

It is also a perfect venue for after-MICE parties, and we recommend renting out all three buildings for a wine party for up to 120 people. Each building is titled ``Red Wine House,'' ``White Wine House,'' and ``Champagne House,'' and you can enjoy a buffet-style meal while enjoying small dishes with a different concept in each building.

レストラン(La Rose)

La Rose

A restaurant with an open and adult atmosphere where you can enjoy a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine paired with wine. An unforgettable dish made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients that brings out the best of the bounty of Awaji Island's land and sea, paired with wine carefully selected by our sommelier-qualified chef.

Prince Etoile_内観

Prince Etoile

A restaurant with an elegant and glamorous atmosphere that offers a new style of French cuisine that combines traditional cuisine from the Basque region . Awaji Island and Spain's Basque Country are both ``gourmet cities'' blessed with a variety of ingredients. Please enjoy Basque cuisine, which uses simple ingredients, and new French cuisine, which combines French techniques.

Grand baobab01

Grand Baobab

This restaurant has an appealing French/Italian style that makes the most of the natural characteristics of the ingredients , and the grand piano and chandeliers create a profound atmosphere. Please enjoy French cuisine that follows the basic idea of ​​Italian cuisine, which is to simply enjoy the ingredients, and makes use of the rich and nutritious ingredients of Awaji Island.




Media art and restaurant brought to you by Otohime Hello Kitty. Enjoy admission and enjoy international hot pot and Chinese cuisine in a luxurious space.

Click here for details

  • Group fee: 2,500 yen (tax included)
  • Capacity: ~50 people
  • Closed on Tuesdays

Farmhouse Restaurant Yo Sansan

A restaurant where you can enjoy vegetables in the midst of rich nature. Enjoy a time that is kind to your body and the environment as we serve locally produced dishes for local consumption, with a focus on freshly grown vegetables grown in-house.

Click here for details

  • Group fee: 3,000 yen (tax included)
  • Capacity: ~100 people
  • Closed on Wednesdays




  • 団体料金 2,000円税込~
  • 収容人数 ~120名
  • 定休日 木曜日
オーシャンテラス料理 牛肉-3




  • 団体料金 3,850円税込~
  • 収容人数 ~100名
  • 定休日 木曜日




  • 団体料金 3,000円税込~
  • 収容人数 ~60名
  • 定休日 水曜日
★20201113_欧風浪漫コース (4)

青海波 海の舎



  • 団体料金 4,000円税込~
  • 収容人数 ~60名
  • 定休日 木曜日

青海波 青の舎



  • 団体料金 5,500円税込~
  • 収容人数 ~60名
  • 定休日 木曜日




  • 団体料金 3,000円税込~
  • 収容人数 ~120名
  • 定休日 火曜日







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