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Zenbo Seinei, Located on the 135th meridian east in the pristine setting of Awaji Island, was created as a place to
study Zen. It offers a variety of programs, such as yoga, zen meditation, and wholesome Zenbo cooking.
Additionally, you can have incredibly wholesome meals without using wheat flour, oil, salt, or animal products.
Experiencing Zen helps to maintain mental and physical balance.
Foreign tourists adore it because there is a staff there to guide them in English.
You can benefit from unique experiences that are only available on the island and not even in popular
destinations like Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka.

Two examples of places that offer unique experiences are Zen retreat in the middle of the forest and an anime theme park where you may experience Japanese anime culture.



What is Zenbo Seinei?

Zenbo Seinei provides a remarkable Zen retreat facility and provides a unique experience on Awaji Island for those who are planning or considering group travel on Awaji Island.

Additionally, they provide a unique venue that can be rented out for entertaining important guests or for various events.

If you are looking to hold corporate executive meetings, off-site meetings for executives, and training sessions for employee health and wellness, then this place is perfect for you.

For anyone organizing or thinking about organizing a group vacation to Awaji Island, I would like to suggest Zenbo Seinei is a magnificent Zen retreat center.



Table of Contents
1. Zenbo Seinei corporate plans for corporate training, meetings, and events.


1-1.  (Zen stay private plan) for a 2-day and 1-night stay with the warmth of wood.

1-2.The most popular 4-hour program (Zen wellness private plan).

1-3.  (Daytime private plan) that can be arranged according to your needs.

1-4.(one hour short plan) for a casual experience.

2.Zenbo Seinei accomodation and training plan.                               

2-1.Natural thermal spring with random hot spring and conference room at SEIKAIHA.

2-2.Luxury hotel on the hill where you can see the stars at GRAND CHARIOT.


3.Zenbo Seinei other plans.

3-1. A well-being plan is a set of plans that provides Zen experience and SDGs, training

        learning through agriculture.

3-2.Dinner set plan, Zen experience, and dinner on the west coast of Awaji Island

4. Overview of the Zenbo Seinei corporate plan scheme.

5. Downloads, information requests, and questions.

6.  Before and after the inspection and training plan, take advantage of lunch and shopping at the Awaji Island West Coast Facilities.

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 presented in the facility's concept film

Zenbo Seinei corporate plans include training, meetings, and events

What kind of experience can you get at Zenbo Seinei, and what is it?

Zenbo Seinei was opened in April 2022, and its structure was created by Shigeru Ban, the Pritzker Prize winner the highest accolade in the field of architecture.

The structure is entirely constructed of wood, particularly the 100-meter-long deck that is covered in a variety of
Japanese cedar trees. Here, you can stroll barefoot and enjoy the wood's aroma and warmth against your skin.
In the middle of the seasonal landscape that spreads 360 degrees as far as the eye can see on Awaji Island, Visitors can experience Zen Wellness, which integrates the philosophy of Zen.


ZEN Wellness (Zen meditation, yoga, Zen monk cuisine, Zen calligraphy, Zen tea, Zen incense, etc )

We have different plans available for corporate clients to fulfill their specific needs.
ZEN Wellness can be used for day trips, overnight stays, and hosting different events.

Feel the warmth of wood during your 2-day/1-night stay with the Zen Stay private plan

The charter plan offers overnight accommodations for various purposes, including corporate training, meetings, and events.

Zenbo has 18 rooms with wood-heated warmth, seating 30 people and accommodating discussion meetings.

The Zen Stay private plan offers a relaxing experience with aerial Zen, yoga, and meditation.

The program promotes employee health and health management and improves concentration and performance.

Check-in: 14.00, Check-out: 11.00.

It has 18 rooms that can accommodate up to 27 people.

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The most popular 4-hour program (Zen Wellness Private Plan)

The private Zen Wellness program plan offers a unique opportunity to experience the entire Zen Wellness program, from aerial Zen, yoga, and meditation to Zen monk cuisine, in an extraordinary space and with special friends.

time:  11:0015:00

Accommodate up to 27 people.

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Daytime private plan (Arrangements can be made to suit your needs)

The Daytime Private Use Plan at Zenbo Seinei is designed to provide a unique and exclusive experience for its guests.

This plan allows you to use the facility for private use during daytime hours.

It can be used for invitational events for loyal customers, corporate exhibitions, anniversary events, awards, ceremonies, brand presentations,and other events for entertaining important customers and various events.


Maximum number of people: up to 40 people

※ Arrangements can be made according to your needs.


Casual experience (1-hour short plan)

The one-hour short plan is the Sunset Retreat Plan of Zenbo Seinei for the casual experience.

It can be enjoyed during sunset hours.

It is recommended for use during tours and inspections. Would you like to experience it?


Zenbo Seinei accommodation plan

Plan a conference room and a natural hot spring.  Stay at "Holistic Wellness Hotel  Bourou SEIKAHA"

A stay at Holistic Wellness Hotel  Bourou SEIKAHA the ocean-view rooms at Bourou SEIKAIHA, which offers stunning sunset views. Additionally, the hotel offers a wellness package called "Touji by Natural Radon Hot Spring" that boosts immunity.

For business training and meetings, the hotel has a conference room with an ocean view that can hold up to 30 people.

Content: (Zen Wellness private plan + overnight stay at Holistic Wellness Hotel).


Zen Wellness private plan and stay at "GRAND CHARIOT Luxury Villa Resort"

This plan includes an overnight stay at the GRAND CHARIOT and a daytime private plan at Zenbo Seinei.

GRAND CHARIOT is a luxury villa resort located on the starry hill of NIJIGEN NO MORI.

Overlooking the world's longest suspension bridge, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge,

GRAND CHARIOT is the best location on Awaji Island to experience the shining cityscape of Kobe

and the starry night sky of Awaji Island.

Content: Zen Wellness private plan + Grand CHARIOT with 1 night and 2 meals.

The maximum number of guests is up to 40 people.

外観 昼⑶-1

Zenbo Seinei (other plan)

The Well-Being Plan combines Zen experience and experiential SDGs, training, learning through agriculture.

This plan is combined with the Zen Wellness private plan.

(Arrangements can be made according to customer desire.)

In this plan, customers get a chance to think about a sustainable future at the sustainable garden

and Awaji Nature Lab & Resort.


Awaji Nature Lab Resort

Experience a sustainable lifestyle in balance with the natural world at Awaji Nature Lab and Resort, a sustainable garden. It offers hands-on farming activities like harvesting seasonal vegetables and cultivating soil, as well as experiential SDGs training that teaches participants about agriculture’s cycles of diversity and health.

Meals are served wholesome food made with naturally grown vegetables on the property.

We advise you to spend the day after your visit to Zenbo Seinei engaging in agricultural activities receiving experiential training on the SDGs, and dining at the farmhouse restaurant (Farmers Restaurant, Haru San San) on the day following your experience at Zenbo Seinei.

Content: Zen Wellness private plane + various experiences at Awaji Nature Lab & Resort.

Number of people: 40 people.


Zen Experience & dining "Dinner set at West Coast of Awaji  Island "

Please enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants offering French or Japanese cuisine on the west coast of Awaji Island after your visit to Zenbo Seinei.

Depending on your purpose, you can choose between an entertainment restaurant and where you can enjoy a meal that is exclusive to Awaji Island or a luxurious restaurant that offers top-notch space and cuisine.




For Downloads, Requests Documents, and Inquiries.

You can download basic facility materials and pamphlets about Zenbo Seinei in an easy-to-understand format!

If you have any questions about our facilities or programs, would like to check availability, or would like to request a tentative reservation, please feel free to contact us.




Enjoy lunch and shopping at Awaji Island West Coast facilities, both before and after the Zenbo Seinei experience!

Around Zenbo Seinei, there are lots of suggested places to go shopping, have experiences, have group meals, etc.

On the West Coast of Awaji Island, you can spend the entire day enjoying yourself.

We can customize an itinerary for you based on your preferences.

For further information, please get in touch with us beforehand. Group menus at restaurants and group rates for experiences are also available.