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Group Dining Plan-Introducing popular restaurants


Explore a myriad of gourmet restaurants along the scenic west coast of Awaji Island, where meals are crafted to meet your specific tastes. From luxurious dining establishments boasting exquisite cuisine and ambiance to charming waterfront spots with stunning ocean views, and lively entertainment venues where dining is just part of the fun.

Group Dining Experiences on Awaji Island's West Coast

Immerse yourself in the northern landscape of Awaji Island, a realm where lush mountains meet the vibrant blue sea, bathed in sunlight and graced by breathtaking sunsets.

Renowned as the land of culinary abundance, Awaji Island offers a rich selection of fresh ingredients, echoing its historical significance as the birthplace of Japan and a supplier of delicacies to the Imperial Court.

Our program is designed to select restaurants that cater to your group’s diverse preferences, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

For years, we've accommodated various organizations, including corporate groups, incentive trips, and exclusive tours for dignitaries, local governments, and clubs. Our services extend to educational field trips and after-school activities, offering tailored dining solutions and discounted rates.

We will suggest the best eatery, a customized group menu, and discounted prices for your group.


Awaji Island West Coast Restaurant Attractions.

  • Luxury Dining

    We are offering high-quality cuisine and space.

  • Seaside Dining

    Enjoy the dazzling ocean and sunset.

  • Entertainment Dining

    Dining and more entertainment await you.

  • Newly opened restaurants

    A new facility has been opened on Awaji Island, and it is currently the focus of interest.

  • Materials, requests, information, and inquiries.

  • Awaji Island West Coast facilities offer adventures and shopping for guests to enjoy before and after meals at restaurants!

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Luxury Dining


Fine dining venues where you can spend your adult life can be found on Awaji Island's west coast.

A delicious, locally produced, and enjoyed meal that makes the best use of ingredients.

You can enjoy Awaji Island under the guidance of a well-known chef.

Each restaurant has its own distinct atmosphere and magnificent setting in which to enjoy a unique and joyful experience with live music.

We have extensive experience hosting social events for women's associations, hobbyists, Rotary clubs, and corporate board meetings. We also organize get-together training sessions, anniversary celebrations, and other events.


Auberge French Forest

Auberge is a stay-and-go restaurant made up of three buildings with different concepts situated in the stunning natural surroundings of Awaji Island.

Three emerging chefs use carefully selected Awaji Island ingredients to create cuisine that customers may enjoy with all five senses.

Auberge, amid breathtaking nature. Please enjoy the exquisite cuisine and peaceful atmosphere.

Price: 3,800 yen (tax included) or more.

There are 108 chairs and 52 tables distributed among the three structures.

Stay for around 2 hours.

Closed: This varies for each building.

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.


La Rose

This restaurant offers French cuisine with "Japanese" and "French" themes.

The elegant interior offers a calm, high-quality atmosphere despite being the smallest and most compact of the three structures.

In addition, our carefully selected dinnerware will enhance your dinner.


Prince Etoile

The restaurant serves a modern take on traditional French food, complete with a unique touch.

The floral and bird print wallpaper and light wood grain decor set a delightful ambiance and the delicate glass

Chef Kazumasa Ikeda's food employs as little butter as possible, allowing guests to fully appreciate the flavors of the ingredients.


Grand Baobab

Grand Baobab is a restaurant that serves casual French cuisine with a "Fragrance" motif.

The restaurant, the largest of the three structures, is outfitted with a grand piano, sparkling chandeliers, and stunning decor.

Chef Ohashi's food highlights the actual flavor of the ingredients.

The custom-made Awaji-tile tableware complements the meals, and the sight and aroma of the delicacies will make you happy even before you eat them.

Please take in the gorgeous mountains of Awaji Island outside the window.



It features two restaurants (Japanese and Western), a historic sake store, and a theater run by Hiroyuki Yamashita, the World Gourmet Summit's top chef.

This facility, modeled after Awaji Island, lets adults enjoy traditional Japanese culture and cuisine.

Price: 4,500 yen ( tax included)

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.





A "social distance restaurant" that serves Japanese cuisine, with all seats overlooking the sea.

The restaurant offers a staircase-style seating structure similar to bleacher seating, allowing visitors to experience the stunning coastline view and the live ambiance of the open kitchen from each seat.

In the evenings, guests can enjoy live music and projection mapping.



This restaurant provides "Japanese Western cuisine" in a traditional style that will make you feel like you're dining in a museum.

The menu, which focuses on Awaji Island cuisine, including hamburgers and beef cutlets made from Awaji meat, is outstanding in every aspect.

The vintage furniture that decorates the restaurant is worth seeing.

Enjoy a moment of luxury in a luxurious setting while listening to live piano and saxophone music.



Nojima Scuola Restaurante Scuola

Genuine Italian food, where Awaji Island's components are vibrantly expressed by masters of local production for consumption on the island,

This restaurant is located in the "Nojima Scuola " complex, which was previously the renovated Nojima Elementary School, which closed in 2010.

The restaurant serves dishes that showcase the characteristics of the ingredients, including Awaji Island vegetables, shellfish, and Awaji beef, all under the leadership of Chef Masayuki Okuda, a master of local production for local consumption who was named one of the world's top 1,000 chefs.

Price: 2,970 yen (tax included)

Time duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.


Ocean Terrace

With a stunning ocean view of the Harimanada Sea in front of you and rare Awaji beef.

The restaurant's "self-roast style" menu features the freshest meat, including rare Awaji cattle, roasted by the chef himself on a custom-made lava stone barbecue.

The restaurant's tropical interior, which faces the coast, offers a breathtaking ocean view at all times of day, creating a resort-like atmosphere.

We have extensive expertise in arranging corporate friendship excursions with large groups of individuals.

Price: 5,500, Special  Awaji Beef, Special Student menu available

Capacity: 100 seats

Duration: approx. 2 hours

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.



Seaside Dining


The restaurant facing the sea provides a panoramic view of the infinite blue sea and bright sky, and at twilight, you can watch the stunning sunset sink into the horizon.

Corporate parties, company vacations, social gatherings, student-group school excursions, field trips, lunches, and other events have all taken place at the restaurant.

The delicious meal you may share with close people in a breathtaking setting is extraordinary.


Craft Circus

This coastal market and restaurant overlooks the gorgeous sea and sunsets of Awaji Island.

Under the direction of Mr. Haruyuki Yamashita, the Hyogo prefecture counselor in charge of Hyogo "food" at Awaji Island Kaiou Market and "Awaji Island Craft Kitchen" were founded.

Awaji Island Kaiou Ichiba is an aquarium-themed restaurant that serves freshly prepared foods, including natural squid swimming in a 2-meter-high aqua-dome-shaped fish tank and Awaji Island seafood that is processed on-site.

The "Awaji Island Craft Kitchen" will serve a 20-cm-diameter "Craft Burger" as well as a new seafood pizza, including plenty of fresh seafood from Awaji Island, for the Craft Circus's famous "Island Pizza.".

Prices: 1,650 yen (tax included)  student menu available 

Capacity:120 seats

Duration: about 1 hour

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.


Miele the Garden

A garden cafe restaurant in a gorgeous green setting with the ocean in front of you and a lawn.

The outdoor terrace transforms the venue into a feast.

The restaurant, which is located in the same facility as Ocean Terrace, serves students and many other big parties and groups.

Price: 1650  yen (tax included); Special student menu is available

Capacity: 45 seats

Duration: about 1 hour

You can also get an overview of the facility and layout from the download page.



Entertainment Restaurants

Awaji Island, which lives up to its reputation as a resort island, is brimming with entertainment-themed eateries and venues for lavish performances.

We have a strong track record of being employed in a variety of settings, including private rental of venues for corporate anniversary events and meals for field trips to vocational and special needs schools.

Awaji Island's delectable cuisine is paired with the best production and stage.



It is a novel kind of theater restaurant where you may eat and watch a HELLO KITTY performance

e. you can enjoy a song and dance presentation by artists and a HELLO KITTY greeting display with a huge LED screen in the background.

The meals are also visually appealing and provide nutritious vegan cuisine.

The new Hello Kitty Apple House is now available.

Renting up the venue for an anniversary party and projecting customized Visuals onto a 7-meter screen is also popular.

Price: 6,000 yen ( tax included)

Available seats: 80 seats 

Duration of stay: 2 hours or more

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.




Media art and restaurant where you may experience the world of Hello Kitty based on the theme of "Hello Kitty of the Sea."

Enjoy the gallery with its beautiful projection mapping, and dine at one of the three restaurants to suit your needs.

Vocational schools and special needs institutions have used the facility, and it is well-known for its ability to meet the needs of everyone.

Price: 2,300 yen (tax included); a special student menu is available.

Capacity: 50 seats.

Length of stay: approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.



Authentic Chinese cuisine is served on a balcony with seaside views.

We recommend the course, which allows you to select your favorite dish from several options.

At noon, there will be a restaurant welcome where you can take a souvenir photo with Hello Kitty.



Dragon's Palace Restaurant, Tamatebako

A restaurant serving healthy and nutritious worldwide one-pot hot pots.

Choose from seven types of hot pots, including the collagen hot pot, the anti-aging hot pot, and the stamina hot pot, each served in a surprise box upon opening.

Moriono Terrace (Nijigen-no-mori)

A cafe in a forest retreat that serves as a base for exploring the Nijigen-no-mori animation park.

The wide, bright, and open restaurants serve Awaji beef curry with a deep flavor, hamburger steak bowls with Awaji onions, and other meals.

Many student groups visit the restaurant in conjunction with the Nijigen-no-mori attraction, resulting in an informal and pleasurable dining experience.

Prices: 1,210 yen (tax included) 

Number of seats: 120 seats

Duration of stay: around 1 hour and 30 minutes.



Featured!Newly opened restaurant


Among the new facilities emerging one after the other on Awaji Island's west coast, we will highlight several popular eateries that have received much attention.

We have already received numerous questions about group use, and customized group menus are also available.

Farmers Restaurant Haru San San

A farmhouse restaurant focusing on vegetables opened on farmland at the end of October 2021.

It serves locally produced and consumed cuisine employing cooking methods that highlight the natural flavors of freshly harvested vegetables grown in-house and ingredients from Awaji Island

The restaurant is environmentally conscious, using recyclable materials and providing a comfortable setting in which to spend leisure time.

It is a popular restaurant that can serve a diverse variety of customers, including large groups of ladies' clubs and friends' associations.

Prices: (3,100 yen, tax included); Special group menu prices

Capacity: 100 seats

Duration: around one hour.

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.

We also provide agricultural field work and SDGs training outdoors on the fields just in front of the restaurant, please get in touch with us for more details.


Aman no Shokutaku

This facility has two restaurants: "Utage" which provides pirate cuisine made with Awaji Island products, and "Sajiki" which serves teppanyaki and sukiyaki dishes infused with the charm of Awaji Island's valued luxury ingredients.

Banquets and piers are available for a range of events, including corporate study tours, municipal inspection tours, and special guests.

Price: 1,700 yen (tax included)

pier: 3,150 yen (tax included); Special group menu prices

The banquet has 92 seats, while the pier has 82.

Duration: about 1 hour

The download pages provide an overview of the facilities and layout.




Regarding group reservations

Please contact us for additional details.

Please contact us for additional information or to download the facility overview.
You can also check the details of our amenities on our websites.



Related programs are also recommended.

Group meal programs are also available for private gatherings.

Unique private dinner options are also provided as incentives and prizes.


Downloading Materials, Requesting Information, and Inquiries

You can get basic facility materials and guides about Awaji Island West Coast restaurants in a simple format.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our facilities or activities, to verify availability, or to make a preliminary reservation.



If you prefer to contact us by phone, please call

Pasona Group, Inc.

Business Development Department 

Phone number:050-3684-4874

Open hours: 9:30〜18:00



Visitors can enjoy adventures and shopping at the Awaji Island West Coast Facilities before and after their meals at the restaurant.

There are numerous recommended tourist attractions near Awaji Island, West Coast Restaurant where groups can have activities shopping, and so on. 

You can spend the entire day on Awaji Island West Coast, and we will customize an itinerary for you based on your preferences.

Group menus in restaurants and group discounts for experience are also available, so please contact us beforehand.

Click on the photo to go to the facility's web page.

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