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Awaji Island has three HELLO KITTY facilities: HELLO KITTY SMILE with the theme of Hello Kitty of the sea, HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX with the concept of Hello Kitty of the hills, and HELLO KITTY APPLE HOUSE, the largest apple house in the world.
Visitors can take pictures with Hello Kitty and enjoy dining and shopping in these unique buildings.
The facilities are popular with groups as well, with examples of use including company trips with family members, tours, and inbound travel.



ーTable of Contentsー

How to enjoy AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND                          

Recommended for the following people.

・People who want to take pictures with Hello Kitty, who was born in Japan! Want to get original goods!
・People who are looking for an unusual MICE facility on Awaji Island!


AWAJI HELLO KITTY APPLE LAND is the collective name for three entertainment facilities: "HELLO KITTY SMILE," a media art and restaurant adjacent to the ocean; "HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX," a show restaurant on a small hill; and "HELLO KITTY APPLE HOUSE," an apple-shaped observation theater.  The three facilities are about five minutes apart by car, and visitors can take a free shuttle bus between them.

HELLO KITTY is a popular character created in Japan in 1974. She looks like a white cat with a red ribbon as her trademark. HELLO KITTY is loved around the world, and a variety of goods and collaborations have been developed. As a symbol of friendship and peace, HELLO KITTY was also appointed as a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations. Hello Kitty is a character that brings smiles and happiness to everyone's heart. Apples are a special fruit for Hello Kitty, as she is five apples tall, weighs three apples, and her favorite food is apple pie.HELLO KITTY SHOWBOX_06_イベントその他_グリーティング(1)

About each facility


HELLO KITTY SMILE is a white building facing the sea that presents a magical underwater world where Hello Kitty is dressed as Otohime. Inside the museum, there is a greeting area where visitors can take pictures with Hello Kitty, an event area where visitors can experience crafts such as unglazed painting, and a store where visitors can buy limited-edition Hello Kitty goods. There are also attractive restaurants to choose from, including GARDEN Terrace, where you can enjoy decorated Chinese cuisine on a terrace overlooking the ocean, and Ryugu Restaurant Tamatebako, where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal in a beautiful and sophisticated setting.

Admission: 1,350 yen (group discount)


The large Hello Kitty face on the exterior is 11 meters high and 14 meters in diameter, making it one of the largest in the world. Inside the face is a projection mapping theater, and there are many other photo spots, attracting many tourists from overseas.

The Smile Boutique on the second floor features crystal and crocodile products for adults, while the Smile Shop on the first floor offers a wide range of goods featuring Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. The food is Chinese based with two different types of dishes.




Located on the west coast of Awaji Island, HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX is a new type of theater restaurant where you can enjoy a Hello Kitty greeting show and music and dance shows by performers along with vegan cuisine under the concept of "the entire facility is full of surprises. The roof of the building is shaped like the character and is the world's largest theater restaurant. The roof of the building has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest character-shaped roof, and can be seen from the adjacent HELLO KITTY APPLE HOUSE.


After enjoying the Hello Kitty show and dinner with a giant LED screen in the background, visitors can enjoy a photo opportunity with Hello Kitty.
The facility is also popular with group tours and inbound tours with a wide range of ages, especially women, who can experience the charm of Hello Kitty, loved around the world, through the food and theater.

A healthy vegan meal is served while watching the Hello Kitty jazz band show. Vegetarian and Halal guests are also welcome.

Regular Performance Time Schedule
11:00 Doors open (last admission at 12:00)
12:10 HELLO KITTY THE MOVIE" (video show)
12:40-13:00 Meet and greet time with Hello Kitty

Vegan Lunch & Dessert
Price: 6,000 yen tax included (weekdays), 6,400 yen tax included (weekends and holidays)

There are many valuable limited-edition goods that can only be purchased here.
Please buy and buy some original souvenirs.

Group reservations to meet the needs of customers for a variety of occasions

The charm of ELLO KITTY SHOWBOX is its luxurious interior with a huge LED screen, a large stage, and gorgeous decorations.

It has not only a cute image but also a mature and glamorous atmosphere, and is recommended for a variety of group use occasions.

The most recommended way to use the restaurant is to charter it for a group (minimum of 30 people).

The private use of the hall allows for flexible arrangements and special effects, and has been used for parties, company trips, and MICE events.

For example, for corporate incentive trips, we can project a special video of the company on the stage along with a lively dance performance show to increase company loyalty.

For example, at a company's anniversary party, after a sumptuous course meal with live music, the stage can be used to stage a special presentation of the company's new leap forward.

▼ Hello Kitty is not just for Hello Kitty! We also recommend private use of the facility to take advantage of its charm as a facility.内観_2階から

Group Charter
We can provide services and special options unique to private parties, as well as special course meals.
*The contents and photos are for reference only.

Services included in the plan
  • Cuisine, toast drink (soft drink)
  • Seasonal performance show
  • Greeting with Hello Kitty
  • Entrance to APPLE HOUSE
  • Video storage, projection, microphone and other equipment rental
  • Use of the stage

A full range of options (please inquire separately for fees)
  • Emcee
  • Special welcome performance
  • Party games such as bingo and raffles
  • Petit dessert buffet
  • Photography
  • Video editing

*For private parties, general courses other than vegan cuisine can be served.

  • Examples of general courses
  • Marinated sea bream and old wine salad
  • Caprese with fruit tomatoes
  • Grilled red prawns with americaine sauce
  • Roasted Awaji beef with sauce madère
  • Spring Cabbage Aglio Aurio or Bean Curd Rice
  • Fruit tartlet

    Number of persons: 30 to 80

    Price: 5,000 yen including tax, 6,000 yen including tax, 8,500 yen including tax (price varies depending on the dish)

    Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes (approx.)


HELLO KITTY APPLE HOUSE is the world's largest apple-shaped building, recognized by Guinness World Records as an observation theater. The concept is "Hello Kitty's apple house.

The theater is a 14-meter diameter, 360-degree dome-shaped building, where visitors can experience the four seasons and nature of Awaji Island with Hello Kitty. Also, from the observation deck, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Awaji Island and the roof of the adjacent HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX, which is shaped like Hello Kitty.